Best-sellers Assortment

Best-sellers Assortment

This is a hand-picked assortment of some of the best-selling Sappycards from Series I-IV, in quantities of dozens and half-dozens. Designed to fly off the racks for first-time orders and to give your customers a well-rounded introduction to the Sappycards line. Besides a rotating selection of cards based on availability, seasonality, or what I know about your store, the following best-selling designs will be included:

  • 008 – “anything interesting?”
  • 010 – “how many trees”
  • 017 – “something about this card”
  • 024 – “exactly what to say”
  • 039 – “something on your face”
  • 042 – “keep on doing it”

72 cards total, with envelopes

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