Shake a stick inside a Hallmark store, and you’re bound to find nuns on motorcycles, greased-up hunks in banana hammocks, and droopy-faced puppies.

But if you prefer cards with more character than characters, head to Sappycards — where the greetings are light on spectacle, heavy on charm, and full of wit.

Daily Candy

As soon as I started reading his very un-hallmark messages, I burst out laughing. Mostly sappy, some brutally honest and others downright mean, his cards actually cheered me up with tears of laughter because there are times in life when you really feel like sending someone a message to expose what you’re really feeling. It made me smile to know that Timothy took the time to produce cards that aren’t the typical over-the-top rainbows of joy greetings that you find in your local card aisle, rather sappy cards that mix bitter with sweet. If the recipient really ‘gets’ your humor, sappy cards make them burst out laughing, too.


We love the entire line of Sappy Cards because they don’t mince words. They cut straight to the heart of the matter, speaking a truth that we can all appreciate. They’re also incredibly funny!


“Some of the most brilliant sentiments ever recorded, all on beautiful paper.”

Ghostly International

I like my sappy cards so much, I’m having trouble giving them to people.  I keep thinking to myself, “Does this person really deserve this card?  Maybe someone more worthy will come along and I’ll have wasted this perfect sentiment on someone who won’t fully appreciate it.”  My advice: buy two sets of sappy cards.  One to give away and one to keep for your own continual enjoyment.

– O. Solomon