060- whole new level

060 – “whole new level”

(FRONT) You’ve taken things to a whole new level.(BLANK INSIDE)

Series V was an extremely limited edition commissioned by my friends Melissa and Mark for their Severed Unicorn Head Superstore. All card designs featured a crudely-drawn severed unicorn head “thinking” the card’s text (with thought bubbles) on the front of the card. (You can view the drawing here, and print it for free.) The cards were printed on several different colors of recycled paper and each one custom hand-painted. The insides were blank.

If you want to illustrate this card to replace the image on this page, please get in touch. If I like your design enough to use it, of course I’ll credit you and post a link to your site. You could base your illustration off the original drawing linked above – or not. It doesn’t even have to involve a severed unicorn head, as long as it fits with the general Sappycards aesthetic or, as an entire Series of 12 designs, commits convincingly to an aesthetic its own. If I had good illustrations for the whole series, I might even do a new printing.