Sappycards are non-traditional, all-occasion, highly recycled, limited edition greeting cards. What does that mean?

non-traditional: Many of the “sentiments” communicated in Sappycards are not what you might expect to find in a greeting card. They’ve been called “brutally honest” and “overstated understatement” and “greeting cards for people who don’t like greeting cards”.

all-occasion: Sappycards are mostly relationship-based and not tied to any specific occasion or to the soon-to-be-dated slang of the current period.  Most Sappycards can be sent for many different occasions or recipients, and they will be just as sendable twenty years from now as they are today.

highly recycled: Since 2003 (back when it was more difficult and less fashionable) Sappycards has been committed to ecological responsibility, using 100% recycled paper (no trees cut) with mostly 100% Post-consumer content (true full-loop recycling), vegetable-based inks and green shipping practices.

limited edition: Each Series is printed in limited quantities on fine recycled papers, many of which have themselves been discontinued. Get them – or collect them – while you can.

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